søndag den 17. april 2011

Work in Progress - Jack Vessalius - 90 % done~

Hi Guys!
So, my girlfriend and I have been working on getting ready for svscon this weekend~ Alice is done, and i cant put on the blood before we've been on a photoshoot, which we have scheduled to 1th of may - t3wo days after my 18th birthday xD Actually Kitten doesnt want me to put on the blood at all - she thinks its a shame and a mean thing to do to the dress xD

 *Kitten is DISPLEASED!*

Jack is coming along nicely~ He's about 90% done~ Only needs the bootcover and the last piece of accesory~ we havnt been able to do these things because we need to buy some materials for them first xD Any way. here's some pictures~~ 

From the Side~

The front~

And the back~~

I think it looks quite nice^^ <3 Im going to get the wig tomorrow (We're borrowing Tobis ö <3) and then we'll take a look at the styling, the shoes and last details wednesday~ Nice no to be stressed for once~

2 kommentarer:

  1. It looks absolutely .... AWESOME!!!!
    can't wait to see it IRL OwO

  2. Its looks amazing. Im so jealouz of you two gals being able to sew that much lately, it crumbles in my own fingers for being able to make cosplay .__."

    But ya.. As written it looks good, and Im sure it will look wonderful when they are together in the photoshoot, also after you have put'd blood on the dress ( though i kinda agree with kitten a little, its a shame to put blood on the dress, even though its part of the 'art' xD )
    Who are you gonna have as photograph?