onsdag den 31. august 2011

Life update and Mytho crown 'tutorial' xD

Hey guys~
Time has been flying~ Let's take a little update first;
Genki is over~ I cosplayed as Kaito, Matryoshka version

And Kronk from the emperors new groove~

I performed together with the awesome Lea (Kuzco) and my lover Risa (Yzma)~
We actually won 'Best laugh' xD I'm very happy about that xD It was lots of fun, creating the show, and our plan with it was basicly to make people laugh, so... xDD

Oh well, what else has happened?
1) I got a job (wohoo)
2) I started on a clothing education with Samie <33
3) I'm looking for a place to move into together with Risa <3

Also, Risa and I are currently working hard to get our j-popcon act <3 so far it's costed us more than 775 USD @__@ and we're still not done... But hopefully it'll be completly worth it! Risa will defiantly look insanely awesome! <3 Can't show any pictures yet though~

But i can show pictures of the progress of one of my other projects for j-popcon!
This one i'm doing together with Niko, Haru and Yokume <3
It's, dadadada, princess tutu!!! xDD

I'm going to be Mytho~ I originaly planned on making only the raven form, but since it's goign to be at a con, i think i might die of a heat, or get furstrated over not being able to see much, so i'll also do the prince out fit, to change into~

I'm currently working on the crown for Mytho~ Here's some progress pictures~

First I measured my head and added a little for the sake of the wig~  and then i calculated how big the spikes on the drown should be so that i'd match the size of my head~

Then i decided to make the crown in cardboard first~

I drew up the measurements i already had calculated out ~ I was relieved to see that i hadnt made a mistake~

Then i cut out the cardboard, and added a little extra piece in order to be able to close it up~

 The finished cardboard crown~ Now, all you gotta do is hand it over to the blacksmith student, who's conviniently standing next to you xD Then he'll have a crown on real metal worked out for you the next day xDD I'll show results tomorrow xD

Ps: Sorry to those who were expecting a tutorial, but i simply dont have the tools of a blacksmith, and it were just too good a chance toget it in real metal to pass it up~ Hopefully it'll look awesome!!! x3

Thats all for now~