torsdag den 14. april 2011

Work in Progress - Jack Vessalius - 70 % done

Wohoo~ Kitten and I worked on her Jack cosplay yesterday~ It's about 70 % done now~ We're hoping to finish it this weekend~ The west and pants are done and the shirt and jackets are half way done~ we're missing the shoes too, but im sure we'll make it in time~ Kitten is working very hard, and doing her best to learn~ considering she hasnt been sewing besides the few basic classes from school (which was about 8 years ago now or so?) She's a suprisingly fast learner~ And shes cares for the details~ im glad shes patient enough to re-do the flaws whenever they accure~ Oh well heres some progress pictures~

 The front

The back

Close up~

As you can see there's still lots of work to do, but we'll get through soon enough~

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