onsdag den 6. april 2011

Work in Progress! Alice - 20 %

Hello again~ Been a little busy bee again today xD The scissor looked fine this morning~ the color has become a little more golden by now~

As you can se i made a little before/after thing xD I think it turned out good enough ^^ and it was cheap too! OwO

Oh, also I've been working on my Alice cosplay today~
This is how it looked when i started working today~

For some reason the layers look kinda wierd on these photos... Oh well dont worry about that, it'll look good when im done with it!

This is what it looks like now~

Pretty proud about how much i maneged to do today, since i also had to take care of a lot of laundry and such~ ^^' Oh well~ Some how, looking at this picture makes me think of cinderella xDD Only im not cinderella who is going to wear the dress, i'm the mice sewing it xDDD *starts humming the cinderella song* xDD

Oh well thats all for today! Good night too you all :) <3

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  1. keheh yes it was a lot of laundry.. 6 machines @_@" And a ***** who took out the clothes of the drying-tumbler, before it was dry.. god I was so mad at that time that i could have been standing waiting for the idiot to come so I could tell him/her to respect and stand away from other peoples clothes! >_<

    And darn.. Not them cindarella mouse again! xDD