torsdag den 28. april 2011

28th of April~

I'm just making a little update here, an hour before my 18th birthday~
I'm having some trouble to actually understand that i'm turning 18 - it's kinda scary how fast time has flown by. When i was little i always thought that when you turned 18, you were a grown up - i dont really feel like a grown up, but i feel more responsible and grown up than last year i guess... Little by little i turn more mature~

Oh well, I've been spending the day preparing for my birthday paties... The small get together tomorrow with a few friends and the one saturday with my family~

I had to do special name cards for the table saturday, so i did some flower cards that would match the table cloth~ here's a picture~

After making name cards, me and my nostalic mother looked over tons of baby photos of me... xD It was kinda wierd to watch that little smiling baby and know that it was me 18 years ago... Time moves so fast, it's kinda scary ><

After that i made pancakes for my friends for tomorrow x3

Lea intertained me while i was working~ She's so lovely <3 This is a picture of her pancake xDD
I think i used about 2 hours on the pancakes xDD This is how it looked when i finished:

The pancake tower of doooooooooom!
My family stole about 10 pancakes, so there's about 40 pancakes on this picture.... xD I've never made that many pancakes before at once! xD

Oh well thats all for today... Jack is pretty much finished, except a small detail i cant do before Kitten brings the fabric xD we'll have to do that before we go out for the photoshoot at sunday xD Risa is coming with us <3 x3 Here's a picture of the Jack jacket with the last detail on it:

Basicly it means that i'm ready for svs~ I'm looking very much forward to it!! x3 It's going to be so awesome! x3 Oh well, Shinji over and out! x3

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