torsdag den 28. april 2011

28th of April~

I'm just making a little update here, an hour before my 18th birthday~
I'm having some trouble to actually understand that i'm turning 18 - it's kinda scary how fast time has flown by. When i was little i always thought that when you turned 18, you were a grown up - i dont really feel like a grown up, but i feel more responsible and grown up than last year i guess... Little by little i turn more mature~

Oh well, I've been spending the day preparing for my birthday paties... The small get together tomorrow with a few friends and the one saturday with my family~

I had to do special name cards for the table saturday, so i did some flower cards that would match the table cloth~ here's a picture~

After making name cards, me and my nostalic mother looked over tons of baby photos of me... xD It was kinda wierd to watch that little smiling baby and know that it was me 18 years ago... Time moves so fast, it's kinda scary ><

After that i made pancakes for my friends for tomorrow x3

Lea intertained me while i was working~ She's so lovely <3 This is a picture of her pancake xDD
I think i used about 2 hours on the pancakes xDD This is how it looked when i finished:

The pancake tower of doooooooooom!
My family stole about 10 pancakes, so there's about 40 pancakes on this picture.... xD I've never made that many pancakes before at once! xD

Oh well thats all for today... Jack is pretty much finished, except a small detail i cant do before Kitten brings the fabric xD we'll have to do that before we go out for the photoshoot at sunday xD Risa is coming with us <3 x3 Here's a picture of the Jack jacket with the last detail on it:

Basicly it means that i'm ready for svs~ I'm looking very much forward to it!! x3 It's going to be so awesome! x3 Oh well, Shinji over and out! x3

søndag den 17. april 2011

Work in Progress - Jack Vessalius - 90 % done~

Hi Guys!
So, my girlfriend and I have been working on getting ready for svscon this weekend~ Alice is done, and i cant put on the blood before we've been on a photoshoot, which we have scheduled to 1th of may - t3wo days after my 18th birthday xD Actually Kitten doesnt want me to put on the blood at all - she thinks its a shame and a mean thing to do to the dress xD

 *Kitten is DISPLEASED!*

Jack is coming along nicely~ He's about 90% done~ Only needs the bootcover and the last piece of accesory~ we havnt been able to do these things because we need to buy some materials for them first xD Any way. here's some pictures~~ 

From the Side~

The front~

And the back~~

I think it looks quite nice^^ <3 Im going to get the wig tomorrow (We're borrowing Tobis ö <3) and then we'll take a look at the styling, the shoes and last details wednesday~ Nice no to be stressed for once~

torsdag den 14. april 2011

Work in Progress - Jack Vessalius - 70 % done

Wohoo~ Kitten and I worked on her Jack cosplay yesterday~ It's about 70 % done now~ We're hoping to finish it this weekend~ The west and pants are done and the shirt and jackets are half way done~ we're missing the shoes too, but im sure we'll make it in time~ Kitten is working very hard, and doing her best to learn~ considering she hasnt been sewing besides the few basic classes from school (which was about 8 years ago now or so?) She's a suprisingly fast learner~ And shes cares for the details~ im glad shes patient enough to re-do the flaws whenever they accure~ Oh well heres some progress pictures~

 The front

The back

Close up~

As you can see there's still lots of work to do, but we'll get through soon enough~

tirsdag den 12. april 2011

Work in progress - Alice - 95% done!!

The Alice dress is done!!! The only thing missing is the blood~ but i promised my girlfriend i wouldnt put blood on it before we've been on a photoshoot in it with out xD And before that Jack needs to be done xD Tomorrow we're going to work on the jacket - and hoepfully finish it~ then theres only the shirt left~ Oh well back to Alice~ Remember what it was ment to look like?~ Well here's a refearens pictures~

And here it is~ With out blood~

Oh well thats all for now~ ill proabbly crawl into bed now~ im pretty sick, as you might be able to see on the picture where i look like sh*t!

søndag den 10. april 2011

Work in Progress - Jack Vessalius - 50 % done

Hey, maybe you've been wondering why I havnt updated anything about >my Alice dress for these past few days - Well the reason is that i've been working together with my girlfriend on her cosplay~

My lovely girlfriend decided, that since i was missing a Jack for SVScon she would jump in and do him for me <3 Thank you honey <3 Well we've didnt want to make the green out fit, since we wanted it to match my dress and we thought there might be an easier Jack cosplay.

This was the costume we choose^^' At first it looked easier and cheaper, but that defiantly isnt true... So yeah... the fabric ended up costing about 800 kr - and theres still missing some stuff - so its actually more expensive than my Alice dress xD Oh well, either way we've been working all day yesterday, and Kitten was sewing for one of her first times~ It was pretty good~

She maneged to make the pants, while i took care of the west and the big bow on the back~ Also we've started working on the jacket now~

Here's some photos of what we've made~

Yup, thats how it looks so far... Hopefully it'll look great when its done~

Oh and in the end i just though i might as well put a picture in of how Alice look now... As you can se; not much has changed^^'

onsdag den 6. april 2011

Work in Progress! Alice - 20 %

Hello again~ Been a little busy bee again today xD The scissor looked fine this morning~ the color has become a little more golden by now~

As you can se i made a little before/after thing xD I think it turned out good enough ^^ and it was cheap too! OwO

Oh, also I've been working on my Alice cosplay today~
This is how it looked when i started working today~

For some reason the layers look kinda wierd on these photos... Oh well dont worry about that, it'll look good when im done with it!

This is what it looks like now~

Pretty proud about how much i maneged to do today, since i also had to take care of a lot of laundry and such~ ^^' Oh well~ Some how, looking at this picture makes me think of cinderella xDD Only im not cinderella who is going to wear the dress, i'm the mice sewing it xDDD *starts humming the cinderella song* xDD

Oh well thats all for today! Good night too you all :) <3

tirsdag den 5. april 2011

Work in Progress Update! Scissor prop for Alice!

 Okay, just thought i might as well make a little update before i go to bed~ This will actually be the first post on my new blog! (Woho! xD)
I'll just be showing some work in progress pictures~ This will be for the scissor prop for my new Alice cosplay, that i'll be wearing at SVScon 2011, from may 5th to may 7th~

Oh well, here goes~
This lovely snapshoot from my iphone will serve as my refference picture, since its about the only scene where this prop is actually visible xD (Btw sorry about the spoiling subtitles^^')

Now lets begin! Step 1!
 It is essential to have a base scissor for this prop, so.... i got one from my desk xDD (Woho free scissor! xD)

Step 2!

Now, we start working! I used regulare black and brown paint to mix a color i liked and then painted the handle of the scissor to get the base color~ I had to paint it twice to make the layer thick enough~ I already had the paint lying around, so that was also free~

Step 3!

Next up i used something called "Touch deco" from Pebeo. It got this trick from my lovely friend Lea! <3 Its very easy to work with so far, though you'll have to be carefull not to smudge it oO I did my best to create the pattern on the scissor~ The Touch deco costed around 24 danish kr (About 5 USD i suppose?) Lea actually ended up paying 2 kr for this, because i didnt have enough money with me xD (Shouldnt have bought that stupid uice cream! >< xD)

Step 4!

To finish the work i putted on some pearls (Which i also just had lying atround xD) for the sake of decoration~ i choose some different size and colors - they basicly serve as substitute for those crazy circle patternes~ I used a pincette to put them on carefully, so i wouldnt smudge the deco touch - Voila! Now it has to dry fro about 12 hours before i can do the other site ö When its completly done i'll post a picture~

Also I'm going to sew with my friend Yokume tomorrow, so i'll porbably also upload some work in progress pictures of the Alice dress~

Untill then! See ya! ;) <3