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Work in Progress Update! Scissor prop for Alice!

 Okay, just thought i might as well make a little update before i go to bed~ This will actually be the first post on my new blog! (Woho! xD)
I'll just be showing some work in progress pictures~ This will be for the scissor prop for my new Alice cosplay, that i'll be wearing at SVScon 2011, from may 5th to may 7th~

Oh well, here goes~
This lovely snapshoot from my iphone will serve as my refference picture, since its about the only scene where this prop is actually visible xD (Btw sorry about the spoiling subtitles^^')

Now lets begin! Step 1!
 It is essential to have a base scissor for this prop, so.... i got one from my desk xDD (Woho free scissor! xD)

Step 2!

Now, we start working! I used regulare black and brown paint to mix a color i liked and then painted the handle of the scissor to get the base color~ I had to paint it twice to make the layer thick enough~ I already had the paint lying around, so that was also free~

Step 3!

Next up i used something called "Touch deco" from Pebeo. It got this trick from my lovely friend Lea! <3 Its very easy to work with so far, though you'll have to be carefull not to smudge it oO I did my best to create the pattern on the scissor~ The Touch deco costed around 24 danish kr (About 5 USD i suppose?) Lea actually ended up paying 2 kr for this, because i didnt have enough money with me xD (Shouldnt have bought that stupid uice cream! >< xD)

Step 4!

To finish the work i putted on some pearls (Which i also just had lying atround xD) for the sake of decoration~ i choose some different size and colors - they basicly serve as substitute for those crazy circle patternes~ I used a pincette to put them on carefully, so i wouldnt smudge the deco touch - Voila! Now it has to dry fro about 12 hours before i can do the other site ö When its completly done i'll post a picture~

Also I'm going to sew with my friend Yokume tomorrow, so i'll porbably also upload some work in progress pictures of the Alice dress~

Untill then! See ya! ;) <3

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