søndag den 10. april 2011

Work in Progress - Jack Vessalius - 50 % done

Hey, maybe you've been wondering why I havnt updated anything about >my Alice dress for these past few days - Well the reason is that i've been working together with my girlfriend on her cosplay~

My lovely girlfriend decided, that since i was missing a Jack for SVScon she would jump in and do him for me <3 Thank you honey <3 Well we've didnt want to make the green out fit, since we wanted it to match my dress and we thought there might be an easier Jack cosplay.

This was the costume we choose^^' At first it looked easier and cheaper, but that defiantly isnt true... So yeah... the fabric ended up costing about 800 kr - and theres still missing some stuff - so its actually more expensive than my Alice dress xD Oh well, either way we've been working all day yesterday, and Kitten was sewing for one of her first times~ It was pretty good~

She maneged to make the pants, while i took care of the west and the big bow on the back~ Also we've started working on the jacket now~

Here's some photos of what we've made~

Yup, thats how it looks so far... Hopefully it'll look great when its done~

Oh and in the end i just though i might as well put a picture in of how Alice look now... As you can se; not much has changed^^'

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